Choosing the right Exhibition Stall Fabricator is the most important decision a company needs to make. Find out why?

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December 20, 2021 3 min read

We all know that an Exhibition is a great direct marketing tool and an ideal platform when it comes to product launches and promotions and helps the company to consolidate its presence in the market. It is also a great way to measure customer satisfaction levels and analyse the competition in the industry. However, to ensure your exhibition dollars are not going down the drain it is vital to partner with the right exhibition design and fabrication company.

This post will explain why it is important.

Having studied consumer behavior with respect to exhibitions, it is important to note that a company spends 10% of its time scoping the market for exhibition stall fabricators. It spends another 50-60% of its time in ensuring the stall designs meet all its aesthetic taste and functional requirements. The company spends another 10-20% of its time in negotiating budgets and selecting the exhibition stand fabricator that is able to execute that design within the allotted. That means it spends less than 10-15% of its time in ensuring that the exhibition stand fabricator has the capability, resources and experience to fabricate the stall as per the quality standards expected. This is where the company can possibly falter.

Companies tend to feel that once they zero in on the right design, any exhibition booth fabricator worth their salt can fabricate their stall. This is a fundamental error and puts many companies at the mercy of fly-by-night exhibition stand fabricators. This is not to undervalue the importance of design or drawing up budgets but it is imperative that companies do a little homework on the exhibition stand fabricators they are potentially about to engage in business with.

This simple step will save the company time and resources and mitigate the risk of sub-standard stall fabrication and execution. It does not mean that companies should shy away from smaller stall fabricators. It just means that by doing a little research about the exhibition stall fabricator and inspecting their workshops, the company can authenticate their tall claims and take an informed decision. Having said that, no fabricator can guarantee that nothing will go wrong. But choosing the right partner will ensure the fabricator has the experience and capability to deal with contingencies as and when they spring up.

As the old saying goes – “Chance favours the prepared mind.”

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