Top 10 Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

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December 20, 2021 4 min read

Exhibition stall design is more than just a booth. It is the house to your product or service that invites visitors and converts them into business prospects. Incorporating latest trade show booth design ideas result in increased business visibility and make your brand look credible to the potential customers.

Considering important trade show booth design tips helps in boosting the footfall to meet branding and marketing objectives. Following up the with the latest trade show booth design ideas result in marketing and product’s success. It reflects the identity of the brand and leaves a lasting impact on the customers’ mind.

Whether you are an established brand or a newbie in the trade show, our creative trade show booth design ideas for 2020 is going to make your booth stand out from the crowd.

1. Adding personalised touch

Spending a day at trade show is usually tiring for participants as well as visitors. They must feel comfortable while visiting your stall so that they appreciate sitting and spending time to understand your product. This is one of the best ways to make the visitors feel important and expose the culture of the brand.

2. Make the Booth Noticeable

Having bold trade show booth design ideas help in making your brand standout from the other participants.Your exhibition stall designer should have deep understanding of market knowledge to come up with something that could beat your competitor. This year is all about building a stall design that is sure to catch the visitors’ eye from distance.

3. Focusing on Product Placement

Products are the first and foremost things that make the visitors stop by your booth. They want to know what interesting you have to offer. It is important that you spend ample time in deciding the product placement and positioning where customers can also get the real life experience of it before making a mass order.

4. Making it Attractive and Interactive

Customer engagement is the key to a successful trade show. Incorporating innovative trade show booth design ideas can make your booth interactive for customers and make them spend more time with you. Installing techniques to give product demos can attract long queues outside your booth.

5. Offering Sensory Experiences

Sensory experiences usually attract the vision and other senses of the customers. The impact of using creative visuals, colours and sound can create outstanding ambience for customers. Trade show booth design ideas in 2020 include spectacular elements that can immaculately match the theme of the brand.

6. Prepping Every Corner

There are many exhibition stalls that are open for all sides and angles. In such scenarios, the booths are easily approachable from multiple directions. Thus, designers are coming up with effective trade show booth design ideas in 2020 to deck it up from every corner and draw customers’ attention from 360 degrees.

7. Showcasing social media presence

This is one of the most interactive and fun adding elements in the recent trade show booth design ideas. It gives the customers an opportunity to know more about your brand and follow it on social media. To make it more rewarding, you can ask the visitors to share your brand’s handles and offer incentives in return.

8. Installing Creative Photo Ops

The idea in a trade show is to engage the customers. When you install a photo opp booth, you tend to encourage visitors to take a picture in front of your branding elements. This not only attracts the visitors but spread the brand message through their pictures.

9. Designated Meeting Space

Many visitors who seem to be interested in your products would want to have a healthy discussion before making the purchase decision. There are semi-enclosed spaces that the brands are incorporating in their booths are going to stay on the top of the trade show booth design ideas in 2020. Make sure the space is relaxing and private to make the visitors feel convenient to ask questions.

10. Giveaways

Offering customers exciting prizes or free giveaway at quiz or games often results in positive brand image. Always give them a really big and attractive bag having an imprint of company’s name and logo. This will help in differentiating your bag when customers carry multiple other bags. This way, the other visitors will try to find your booth in the crowd.

The most useful and amazing trade show booth design tip is to plan it ahead of time. Strong research and having a powerful team of exhibition stall designers create a profitable booth design.

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