Creating Activation Setups for

Mall Activation

The heart of BTL marketing activities platform is Mall Activation; leverage this stage with impactful mall activation setups

A befitting brand activation setup is designed after careful consideration of numerous elements. Apart from your target audience, marketing strategy, marketing message and brand guidelines there are various technical factors that influence and determine the design of your brand activation setups.

Every venue has its own set of challenges and advantages. Considering the vantage points and obstacles, each and every space needs a tailored brand activation solution in order to yield maximum benefits.

Concept Development

Brands are not what their manuals say, they are what their customers say.

Deeply rooted in this philosophy we are in a continuous endeavor to alleviate brands and connect them to audiences. To make them more relevant, more accessible and more true to their values. Right from inception of a brand via a name, logo, tagline or value proposition to extension of the brand onto websites, stationery, office spaces, exhibitions and events; we can provide one-stop solutions to your needs.

Creating fitting concepts for effective communication

To make the most of your investment and to achieve quantifiable results you need concept- driven brand activation solutions. A theme or concept has tremendous recall value. When your marketing propaganda centers around a concept or has an underlying theme, it serves two purposes;

We at Eastman Exhibitions understand the significance of concept-driven campaigns and provide appropriate solutions based on various crucial factors. A team of in-house, award winning designers create theme centric brand activation setups. Our result oriented solutions are based on your:


Target audience

We analyze your target group and create concepts that will appeal to your audience


Brand Guidelines

Based on your projected brand personality we conceptualize designs that will embody your brand identity


Products & Services

We create a concept that helps you to display and promote your star product effectively


Marketing objective

After duly considering your marketing strategy and objective we suggest ideas and concepts that will help you to engage visitors and achieve your marketing goals