Services: Consult, Design, Create

Eastman Exhibitions are where contemporary interpretive and artistic design meets quality craftsmanship and fastidious installations. Our services are entirely overseen by experienced project managers who understand the need for a quality result. This is underpinned by the understanding of our client’s needs and respect for their stories.

Consultation & project management

Our consultation services involve careful listening and the formulation of a cohesive plan incorporating all stakeholders. We can look after your project from start to finish, ensuring your dream becomes reality on time and on budget.

  • Total project management
  • Full documentation
  • Master Planning
  • Proposal and tender preparation support services
Consultation & project management
Design & content development

Design & content development

Our vast experience in innovative exhibition design allows concepts to come alive in new and exciting ways. We Connect clients with experienced science communicators cultural and heritage specialists to expertly interpret information for their desired audiences. We offer a range of solutions for both content and special design. Our goal is to illustrate, communicate, present and share content to be meaningful and memorable.

  • Concept design to turn an idea into reality
  • Rendered 3 dimensional drawings
  • Interpretive Design
  • Graphic design
  • Curatorial services
  • Interpretive writing
  • Science communication and writing

Fabrication and Technology

Our fabrication skills are professional, and we have in-house production facilities to ensure total quality control. We are fastidious from construction to completion. We are passionate about techniques and technologies which can connect the visitor and aim to push the envelope to create engagement and impact.

  • In-house production facilities
  • Furniture and cabinetry production
  • Film editing and post production
  • Multimedia capabilities including touchscreens, tablets
  • Interactive components
Fabrication and Technology


We consider installation to be crucial to the result, so we prefer to personally install your exhibition, display or fit-out to the highest level of detail. When it’s tools down, we want to feel 100% confident we have created something you can stand back and be truly proud of.

  • Cohesive installation
  • Impressive record of meeting deadlines
  • Professional, careful approach.
  • Detailed finish report
  • Display maintenance services